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mar-ket-span [mahr-kit-span]


1. An award winning web design company
based in Edinburgh specialising in web and
graphic design for businesses throughout
the UK.

2.Online business solutions including:

a. e-commerce.

b. content and customer management systems.

c. managed web hosting and email.

3. Internet marketing

a. search engine optimisation.

b. social media integration.

c. SMS text and email campaigns.

4. Dedicated support.


5. To sell.

6. To increase customer base; improve communications with customers.

7. To beat the competition.

1100-1150; ME, late OE < VL *marcatus, L mercatus trading, traffic, market


8. communicate, trade, profit.

Mspan.co.uk Unabridged

Based on the Marketspan Dictionary, © Marketspan Ltd. 2015.


Don’t just take our word for it.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce have worked with Marketspan for several years. Their expertise has ensured that our website operates smoothly and simply, including an intuitive interface for updating our content. Marketspan are flexible and responsive to SCC’s needs.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce

We were extremely pleased with the website Marketspan created. All through the process from inception to delivery. Marketspan were extremely helpful and supportive in making even the smallest of changes.

The City of Edinburgh Council

Thank you and the team at Marketspan for helping us achieve results beyond our expectations.

Bonnar and Co.

Their extraordinary efforts produced an excellent website that had both the design flair and technical features that we required.

Cotterell Light Centres


Marketspan is recommended by RAR

MarketSpan has been awarded
RAR recommended agency status 2007-2015.

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