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Alongside electricity and the telephone, we consider the internet to be the third utility. Think about it. Imagine coming to work and you couldn’t view your emails or get online? How would you research a new project and view examples to get ideas? How would you get help on certain topics or find out about a company’s products and services? How would you get anything done?

The same applies outside working hours - who is left to manage your business? Once upon a time, this would have been an answering machine and for some it still is! Nowadays that doesn’t cut it and potential customers want to find out about your company before doing any sort of business with you. This is where your website stands apart and nothing else even comes close. First impressions last and your website is your big chance.

We are a web design company in Edinburgh who specialise in making high quality websites that will raise your profile. We want your website to be the best it can be and truly represent your company. A big ask, and when put like that, how do we back this statement up? By listening and working closely with you we will translate your business vision to your website. Hard work, but worth it.

Sometimes going that extra mile can make all the difference. Top quality web design should not just produce a calling card but be your sales, marketing and accounts departments all in one.

Done well, web design can shape your brand, inform your customers, save time and make you money. Simple.

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