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At Marketspan we care passionately about search engine optimisation. Why? Because without a shadow of a doubt, SEO is the single most important factor that will give your website a chance to compete. You may have the best looking website in the world but this means nothing if you are languishing down on page 12 on the search engines.

If your business is based in Edinburgh, don’t think SEO Edinburgh only; the internet is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business UK-wide and beyond. This logic applies whether you have a small brochure site or a large ecommerce platform – you simply have to be visible across the online marketplace.

We approach each web project on a case-by-case basis, however we start every project with a comprehensive keyword report and detailed SEO audits. If we know what you, your customers and your competition are doing then we have a great starting point. By identifying the right keywords you not only identify the meta-tags and content for your site but also gain great insights through online market research to help guide future buying decisions and marketing campaigns.

The process of search engine optimisation is therefore deeply entwined with good web design and shouldn’t be treated as an after-thought. SEO can be effected by factors including: the relevancy of your content, the quality of your web hosting and whether your site supports mobile devices. It’s too important to let your SEO be handled by a third-party who know or care little about these things.

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